• Foreign exchange
    rates and currency
    conversion JSON API

    Fixer is a simple and lightweight API for
    current and historical foreign exchange (forex) rates.

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    GET https://data.fixer.io/api/latest
      "base": USD,
      "date": "2018-02-13",
      "rates": {
         "CAD": 1.260046,
         "CHF": 0.933058,
         "EUR": 0.806942,
         "GBP": 0.719154,
         [170 world currencies]

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    By this time they were hungry again. The black berries had no staying power in proportion to their filling qualities, and anxiously as they watched the western horizon, no feet of the mules bringing rations had been seen beautiful on the mountains.Fixer.io is used by thousands of developers, SMBs and large corporations every day. Rock-solid data sources and 6+ years of experience make Fixer the #1 resource for real-time exchange rates.

    • 170 World Currencies

      "Good idee," said Shorty, slapping his leg. "I'll go right out and collect a dollar from each of the boys. Say that word over agin, till I git it sure."Shorty and Si considered Nate Hartburn their special protege, and were deeply anxious to transform him into a complete soldier in the shortest possible time. He was so young, alert, and seemingly pliable, that it appeared there would be no difficulty in quickly making him a model soldier. But they found that while he at once responded to any suggestion of a raid or a fight, drill, discipline and camp routine were bores that he could be induced to take only a languid interest in. Neither Si nor Shorty were any too punctilious in these matters, but they were careful to keep all the time within easy conversational distance of the regulations and tactics. Naturally, also, they wanted their pupil to do better than they did. But no lecturing would prevent young Hartburn from slouching around camp with his hands in his pockets and his head bent. He would not or could not keep step in the ranks, nor mark time. While Si was teaching him he would make a listless attempt to go through the manual of arms, but he would make no attempt to handle his gun the prescribed way after the lesson was ended. Si was duly mindful of the sore time he himself had in learning the drill, and tried to be very considerate with him, but his patience was sorely tried at times.Real-time exchange rate data for 170 world currencies, updated every 60 seconds.

    • Trusted Sources

      "It seems too bad," continued the Lieutenant, moved by Si's earnestness, "to bring you this near, and not let you have a chance to see your folks.Currency data delivered by Fixer is sourced from financial data providers and banks, including the European Central Bank.

    • Bank-Level Security

      "I can't make out what in the world they're up to," said Si. "But I'm certain the Colonel ought to know it. Suppose you take the canoe, Shorty, and paddle over and report, and I'll stay here and watch."Your connection to the Fixer API is encrypted using bank-grade 256-bit SSL Encryption.

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      Our world-class support team is happy to assist any time of the day and any day of the year. That's a promise.

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    This was too violent to last long. Everybody and everything had to stop from sheer exhaustion. But when the stop came Mrs. Bolster was sitting on the prostrate form of Jeff Hackberry. The others were disentangling themselves from one another, the children and the dogs, and apparently trying to get themselves into relation with the points of the compass and understand what had been happening.Our principle at Fixer developers first. Detailed API Documentation, intuitive code examples and a straightforward API structure will allow you to implement the API in under 10 minutes.

    • Powerful, Reliable JSON API

      "Go ahead," said the Captain. "I'll speak to the Colonel, and we'll follow you with the regiment. You can get the teams across, too?""It don't seem possible that they can be doing anything to threaten us," said the Colonel; "though they may know of some practicable crossing higher up the stream, which will let them in on our flank. Still, they ought to be watched. I'll inform the General at once. You had better station a picket on the island, Captain, if you can do so safely."The Fixer API comes with guaranteed availability, scalable volumes and responds within milliseconds.

    • Extensive Documentation

      An API Documentation packed with simple instructions and code examples enable quick implementation at any level.

    • Historical Data

      A little to the left of the company Si saw a path through the abatis made by the rebels taking short cuts in and out of the camp. He and Shorty quickly broke their way to it, and ran in feverish haste to the works. They found a puncheon laid to cross the ditch, ran over it, and mounted the rifle-pit. There was not a man inside of the works. The last of the garrison could be seen on the other side of Elk River, setting fire to the bridge by which they had just crossed.Historical exchange rate data is available all the way back to 1st January, 1999.

    • Currency Conversion Endpoints

      {sjtxt}Aside from live data, Fixer also comes with separate endpoints for single currency conversion and Time-Series data.

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