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    • don't count. But the McBrides have a houseful of children (anyway twoThat the punishments of long custody by which we[103] now defend our lives and properties are out of all proportion to the real needs of social existence is indicated by such a fact as that no increase of crime used to attend the periodical release of prisoners which was for long, if it is not still, customary in Russia at the beginning of each reign. Neither in India, when on the Queens assumption of the title of Empress, a pardon was granted to about one-tenth of the prison population, did any increase of crime ensue, as, according to all criminal reasoning, it should have done, if the safety of society depends on the custody of the criminal class.[60] In Sweden a low rate of crime seems to be a direct consequence of a low scale of punishment. Of those condemned to travaux forcs, which may vary from a period of two months to a period for life, 64 per cent. are condemned for one year, and only 3 per cent. are condemned for seven years;[61] whilst sentences to the latter period in England form between 50 and 60 per cent. of the sentences to penal servitude.Alta disponibilidad y alto rendimiento

    • It was not to be expected that the difficulties of Ireland would have passed away with the paroxysm of the crisis through which that nation had been working into a better state of existence. The social evils of that country were too deep-rooted and too extensive to be got rid of suddenly. The political disturbances above recorded, coming immediately after the famine, tended to retard the process of recovery. Another failure of the potato crop caused severe distress in some parts of the country, while in the poorer districts the pressure upon the rates had a crushing effect upon the owners of land, which was, perhaps, in the majority of cases, heavily encumbered. This led to the passing of a measure for the establishment of a "rate in aid," in the Session of 1849, by which the burden of supporting the poor was more equally divided, and a portion of it placed upon the shoulders most able to bear it. In anticipation of this rate the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Charles Wood, proposed an advance of 100,000 to meet the existing pressure. The proposed "rate in aid" was sixpence in the pound, to be levied in every union in Ireland, towards a general fund for the relief of the poor, and this was connected with a provision that the maximum rate should not exceed five shillings in the pound in any electoral[571] division. The proposition of the Government, with the exception of the maximum rate clause, was agreed to after a good deal of discussion and various amendments. In the House of Lords the Bill was carried with difficulty, after much discussion and the moving of various amendments.The gentleman, I may say, is erratic. He believes that youVirtualización de servidores

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    • The aim of punishment is not to torment sensitive beings.The Session promised for some weeks to be very dull; no subjects more stirring being brought forward or announced than the settlement of the Civil List, the discharge of insolvent debtors, the suppression of Sunday newspapers, and the reading of the Athanasian Creed. To one of those subjects, the Civil List, Lord Eldon thus jocosely alluded in a letter to his daughter:"Our royal master seems to have got into temper again, as far as I could judge from his conversation with me this morning. He has been pretty well disposed to part with us all, because we would not make additions to his revenue. This we thought conscientiously we could not do in the present state of the country, and of the distresses of the middle and lower orders of the people. To which we might add, too, that of the higher orders."Infraestructuras informáticas básicas

    • And after we'd finished our shopping, we met Master Jervietime I leave the campus. Before I thought, I started to tellMigración a software libre

    • In the further room were four sufferers past all hope: one in the anguish of delirium that made him cry out the same words again and again, in a hoarse voice that was growing fainter. He was held by two attendants. Another lay with chattering teeth; a third was struggling violently, hidden under his coverlet; the fourth seemed unconscious, apathetic.The rest of the Speech consisted of endeavours to represent the country as in a prosperous condition; to have escaped from insurrection by the vigilance of Ministers, and to have recovered the elasticity of commerce. No amendment was moved to the Address in either House, but not the less did the conduct of Ministers escape some animadversion. In the Peers, Lord Lansdowne ridiculed the alarms which had been raised regarding the movements in Derbyshire, which, he said, had not been at all participated in by the working population at large, and had been put down by eighteen dragoons. He contended that there was no evidence of any correspondence with these conspirators in other quarters; but this was notoriously incorrect, for there had been a correspondence in Lancashire and Yorkshire, a[132] correspondence especially disgraceful to Ministers, for it was on the part of their own incendiary agents. He observed truly, however, that the insurrection, as it was called, had by no means justified the suspension of the Habeas Corpus Act, for it could have been most readily put down without it by the regular course of law. In the Commons, Sir Samuel Romilly thought that the Derbyshire insurrectionists had been very properly brought to trial; for Brandreth had committed a murder, and, therefore, those who acted with him were, in the eye of the law, equally guilty. But if they were properly brought to trial, there were others who ought still more properly to have been brought to trial toothe very men whom Government had sent out, and who had aroused these poor people into insurrection by false and treacherous statements. There was no justice in trying and punishing the victims, and screening their own agents; and this was what Government had done, and were still doing. It is in vain, therefore, that their defenders contend that they gave no authority to Oliver and the other spies to excite the people to outbreak: these spies having notoriously done it, they still protected and rewarded them, and thus made themselves responsible for their whole guilt. If they had not authorised the worst part of the conduct of the spies, they now acted as though they had, and thus morally assumed the onus of these detestable proceedings. One thing immediately resulted from the p?ans of Ministers on the flourishing state of the countrythe repeal of the Suspension Act. The Opposition at once declared that if the condition of the country was as Ministers described it, there could be no occasion for the continuance of this suppression of the Constitution; and accordingly a Bill for the repeal of the Suspension Act was at once brought in and passed by the Lords on the 28th, and by the Commons on the 29th of January.Terminales ligeros de altas prestaciones

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    • PS. It's raining cats and dogs tonight. Two puppies and a kitten{sjtxt}Desarrollos de software libre

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    Pericial como refuerzo de las evidencias digitales

    Peritos Informáticos para Málaga, Madrid, Sevilla, Córdoba, Cádiz, Jaén, Almería, Barcelona y Palma de MallorcaINFORMÁTICOS FORENSES Y PERITOS INFORMÁTICOS


    En sus sentencias STS 300/2015 de 19 de mayo de la Sala Segunda y STS 754/2015 de 27 de noviembre  de la Sala de lo Penal, ambas del Tribunal Supremo, establecen la necesidad de reforzar la actividad probatoria en las evidencias digitales para con ello garantizar la no manipulación de las mismas.

    Es ello que desde tal fecha cualquier aportación de documentación digital como prueba en un juicio en la práctica sea necesario respaldarla por el informe de un perito informático que aporte garantías de la legitimidad de su origen técnico, así como de la preservación de su cadena de custodia.


    Los experimentados peritos ingenieros y doctores de informática de Virtua pueden aportar las garantías adicionales necesarias para lograr tal refuerzo.


    Bienvenido a VIRTUA
    VIRTUA, tecnologa punta y abierta a su alcance
    Tecnologas abiertas a su disposicin

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}VIRTUA es una empresa de I+D+i dedicada al desarrollo de soluciones tecnológicas avanzadas en abierto y al análisis informático forense. Fundada en 2006 y radicada en el Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía, Málaga, con operación en Europa e Iberoamérica, nuestros proyectos consisten en desarrollar e implantar todo tipo de soluciones tecnológicas de computación de alto rendimiento, complejidad y prestaciones. Nuestro principal aval es el contar con la más extensa experiencia sobre la materia, y nuestro mayor interés: su satisfacción.

    En palabras de nuestro Director de Tecnología:

    "En Virtua disponemos de una tecnología disruptiva con la que conseguimos hacer uso de las principales técnicas de supercomputación a unos costes muy bajos."

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Y son precisamente esas tecnologías disruptivas basadas principalmente en software libre lo que nos permite ofrecer a los precios más competitivos del mercado, las más avanzadas y robustas soluciones de computación de alto rendimiento y virtualización.

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Llámenos y comprobará que VIRTUA significa "migraciones masivas a software libre"; VIRTUA son "potentes clusters"; VIRTUA es "consolidación y virtualización de servidores"; VIRTUA implica "computación grid"; VIRTUA es igual a "la más avanzada tecnología de terminales ligeros y de altas prestaciones"; VIRTUA equivale a "desarrollo en movilidad"; VIRTUA implica "seguridad informática"; en definitiva, VIRTUA es pura tecnología punta en abierto y en colaboración.

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Esté seguro de que con nosotros ahorrará a la vez que obtendrá una infraestructura informática robusta, fiable y ágil.

    VIRTUA Sistemas Inteligentes, S.L.
    Ingenieros y Tecnólogos Informáticos de Andalucía.

    VIRTUA, alojamiento y desarrollo web
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